Ways To Catch A Cheater


Today I want to go over a few different ways to catch a cheater if you’re suspicious that your special someone might be fooling around on you.  I’ve been there and I know how awful of a feeling it is!

And obviously if you’re suspicious that someone is being unfaithful, then you’re going to want to find out for sure.  There’s no way you can just worry about is and do nothing otherwise you’ll just drown in your own worries!

So lets go over a few ways to catch a cheater that will give you the answers you need quickly…


Ways to catch a cheater – Best method (also the fastest)

 The easiest way to quickly find out if you’re being cheated on is to use cell phone monitoring software.  This powerful piece of software will let you see everything that your significant other does on their cell phone without them ever knowing that you’re tracking them.

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You’ll be able to read all their text messages which will automatically show you who they’re talking to.  If they are cheating on you, then obviously they would be communicating with the person in some way.  And with texting being so popular, the most likely case is that they’re sending flirtatious messages between each other.

And you get to see a ton more than just texts which is why this method is the strongest of the ways to catch a cheater.

You’ll also be able to see any phone call that they’ve made or received, a full list of their contacts, any instant messages, pictures or videos they’ve taken and you can even track the physical location of the phone (meaning you can see where the phone is whenever you want).  

This lets you find out exactly who they’re talking to and what is beind said.  If they’re cheating on you, you’ll quickly find out with this software.  Of the ways to catch a cheater, it’s definitely the easiest one to use.

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And I should point out that this software is easy to install and use – check out the website for complete details.


Ways to catch a cheater – 2nd best method


This method of catching a cheater is perfect if your partner is on their computer a lot more than their cell (or if they don’t have a cellphone).  Of the ways to catch a cheater it’s another powerful method that’s easy to implement.

It’s a very similar method to the first, but instead of monitoring their cell phone you can watch what they do on their computer by using computer monitoring software.  This will let you read their emails, facebook messages, instant chats, what websites they went to etc.

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It’s amazing how many people who cheat start by using facebook.  I can’t remember where I read it, but I recall reading some statistic that facebook was responsible for ruining a certain percentage of marriages because people “re-unite” with old girlfriends/boyfriends.  

And obviously if you can read your partner’s emails and messages on facebook or simiilar sites then you can see who they’re messaging.  This gives you an easy look into their lives and will let you figure out if they’re being unfaithful.


Of the ways to catch a cheater this one is perfect if your partner is on his or her computer a lot.  

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And obviously there are other ways to catch a cheater, but these are definitely the easiest to use and will give you the answers very quickly.  I’ve heard of some people that go as far as hiring a private investigator, but this is extremely expensive and isn’t necessary in my opinion.  

If you have suspicions that someone is cheating on you, you deserve to know the truth.  Using on of these ways to catch a cheater will deliver the facts and let you know for sure if your suspicions are accurate!





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